Monday, January 28, 2008

The Enforcer

We started a little behavior bootcamp around here to curb some of the typical toddler tantrums. Our new rule is that if you are crying for effect, you have to go to your room. Ella has responded to this new rule wonderfully, well...maybe too much so...she is often right next to me while I am trying to calm Drew, saying "Drew cry. Go to room!" Also, today at the puppet show a little girl fell and Ella looks at me points her one finger in the air and says "Girl, go to room! Cry!" Later while getting a bagel she heard a baby crying and again, "Mom, baby cry. Go to room!"

Elmo, Mary and the Bird

I never imagined being a mom to toddlers could challenge my brain this much...

TV watching has increased dramatically around here since Tyler came home and the temperature dropped. But it doesn't always help as much as I'd like it to: this morning as I was trying to feed Tyler I offered Drew Sesame Street as a distraction. He excitedly climbed onto his seat on the couch and settled in as I put the TV on. After about 1 minute he started asking for Sesame St. I answer back that this is Sesame St. Cut to 20 min later: Drew's face is soaked with tears, runny nose, and collapsing body in front of the tv shouting for Sesame St. I was failing at explaining that this is Sesame St, or better yet trying to figure out what the heck he wanted! Turns out Mike was right (he called in the middle of the mess) and Drew was waiting for Elmo. Apparently, Elmo IS Sesame St for Drew...sorry Big Bird.

A local second hand bookstore offers puppet shows for kids several times a week. We go occasionally and have enjoyed the many puppets including monkeys, farm animals, dinosaurs, insects, etc. About 2 months ago, Mike took them to a show that featured the bird (an orange and white non-descript thing) and Mary, a brown haired pig-tailed puppet. He came back to report that Ella was terrified of both puppets - I have no idea why. We returned to the puppet show about 2 weeks ago, to another show featuring Mary and the Bird - Ella was climbing into my lap and yelling "No Birdie!!!" I tried to stay as positive as possible and called the bird silly and laughed at him throughout the entire show (not so easy with an infant strapped to your body, a crying toddler strangling your neck, and another sitting on your foot). As luck would have it, Mary and the Bird were the stars of the puppet show again today. But, to my pleasant surprise, as soon as Ella saw the bird she yelled, "Silly Birdie!!" and laughed. Ha! I did something right!! Unfortunately, Mary sent Ella right back into my lap.

Are we having fun yet?!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

First Smiles

Tyler is 6 weeks old now, although it feels like 6 months!! I can't believe there was a time when he wasn't here. Ella and Drew are having a blast with him. A few days ago Tyler was holding Drew's finger and Drew was thrilled. Ella is still involved in every feeding and diaper change and loves to kiss Tyler all day. They are so accommodating to Tyler and continue to be very gentle. Tyler is doing great at night, eating and falling right back to sleep. The days are getting a little better as he learns to sleep somewhere other than my chest! We are out everyday and I am counting the days until Spring.


I didn't hear them from my mom, didn't read them in a book, and I never said them while teaching parenting classes...Here are some things I never thought I would say as a mother...context aside, even I had to stop and laugh at myself!

"Go get them!" as I throw my keys up the stairs as iniative to climb...

"Get your mouth off the vaccum hose!"

"No more peaches! Want a cookie?"

"No, you can't brush your teeth!"

Im sure there will be more to come- these kids are running me ragged!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Great Debates

Ella and Drew are practicing their conversational skills by starting with debates. Here are some snippets of "conversations" in our house:

After hearing a siren:
Ella: Wow! Fire Truck!
Drew: NO! Police Car!
Ella: NO! Fire Truck!
Drew: NO ELLA! Police Car!
This could go on for 3-5 minutes...

This AM we were talking about calling Nonnie...
Ella: Hi Nonnie!
Drew: Hi Caca!
Ella: No! Nonnie!
Drew: No! Caca!!

Other debate topics: milk vs. water, yogurt vs. pizza, tv on vs. tv off

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Some resolutions:

Tyler: to cry less, especially in the hours between midnight and 6 AM - to watch my brother and sister with awe and wonder - to learn to duck when things go flying around the house, to learn to love the pacifier unconditionally

Drew: to not let Ella bug me so much - to continue being so sweet - to figure out how to turn the tv on - to make mommy and daddy laugh every day

Ella: to bug Drew as much as possible - to hug and kiss Tyler everyday - to wrap Daddy a little tighter around my finger

Mom: to enjoy every moment possible - to laugh at them everyday - to let them know in every way possible how awesome they make my life - to have a few child free moments (grocery shopping doesn't count!) to help make me more fun and energized!