Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nuts and Bolts

Tyler had his 2 month check-up yesterday and he received a glowing evaluation. He is now 11 lbs 12 oz and 23 inches. Just as a reference point, these are similar measurements to Ella and Drew at 3 months. We aren't used to such a big...ah average...size guy! He smiles all the time and has started to coo a little bit. He is starting to focus on things around the room, especially the big clock on the wall and he loves the fish on his seat. Last night was the first night he went longer than 3 hours between eating!! Woo Hoo! Keep up the good work buddy! Ella is still infatuated with her little brother and she participates in all the feedings and changings that she can. She has started to play with her dolls more, feeding, changing, and wrapping them in blankets. When she gets them ready to go somewhere it is either the bookstore or to see "Nasha" as in Dr. Menasha the pediatrician! Drew is a music man. If he isn't playing his guitar he is drumming everything in sight. It is rare to see him without a drumstick. He is constantly saying, "Mum, Drum?" asking if he can bang on all sorts of things. We are trying to keep it on the quieter side so yes he can drum the couch, but no drumming the oven door. They still love books and we are at the library all the time. Other weekly outings include music class, the gym - a community center that opens its gym to families in the winter, the bookstore - they have a train table and a cafe for snacks, and sometimes the puppet show or a play date. We also spend some time at Panera with friends.
Getting out of the house with 3 is becoming routine and this week Ill add the 3rd seat to the stroller - stay tuned for pics.

100th Post!!

So, this is post 100..a little over a year since it started. I know there are a few loyal readers out there (Hi Nana!!), but I started the blog as a sort of baby book. It has evolved into a great tool for me to step back and take note of who my little guys are becoming. This has been a great year and one full of so many changes for Ella and Drew. They went from barely taking steps to running, jumping, spinning, dancing, and wrestling. At the beginning of last year they said a handful of words, now they are telling stories. Last year it was just the two of them and now little Tyler is here too. They are simply awesome kids, full of love, laughter, and silly spunk. They amaze me everyday and I plan on continuing to document as much as possible.

Big Boo-Boo

Poor Drew! On Sunday night, only a few seconds after saying good night, Drew decided to climb out of his crib! We heard a loud bang and crying so we ran in to find Drew on the floor. It appears that he landed directly on his forehead. Physically he seems fine, but he was pretty scared and seems to be embarassed by the whole situation. The next night before putting him to bed, I told him that he can't climb out - he gave me the most pathetic look and was about to cry. I don't think he will try that again anytime soon!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Pictures

The weather has been yucky, so we have been in the house more than usual. Picture time has become a fun activity!!