Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Snack Trap

The "Snack Trap" is not a new addition to the house, but I haven't used it much, until now. The Snack Trap is a cup that allows the child to reach into the lid to pull out food without spilling it - well, in a perfect world. My kids aren't that coordinated or neat. But anyway, this cup is Ella's new best friend. I gave it to them yesterday while I was trying to make dinner. I filled it with those little puffed wheat cereal to keep them busy. Ella went crazy! She loves food, especially when she gets to hold it all and -gasp- carry it around! She was so proud walking and eating. Drew enjoyed it as well, but unfortunatly, most of his ended up on the floor - to Ella's delight!
What will they think of next?!

Sneak Peak

You can picture Drew 50 years from now passed out on the Lazyboy...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

14 months

Wow we are getting so big! Click on the picture above to see an album.
This past month has been filled with so much adventure. Drew can now be considered a confident walker and he takes off every chance he can get. I see now that once Ella starts walking I am going to be in big trouble. Who knew something so little could be so fast? Drew practices his skills all day. He walks slowly, quickly, quietly, while talking, carrying something, carrying something over his head - you get the picture. I still get a kick out of it. Ella is taking her time - literally. It seems the faster Drew gets, the slower she goes. She will no longer push the walking toy (I think a bad spill spooked her) so she crawls and cruises everywhere. She has begun to stand for a few moments without holding on, but thats as far as she goes. She recently learned the "uh-oh" sequence of dropping something, saying "uh-oh," picking it up, and then standing up. This has occupied her for up to 45 min!
We had a few adventures recently. This past weekend was Nana Vera's 90th Birthday. We went to Foxwoods to celebrate. Ella and Drew were big winners! Then on Sunday we had a surprise party for Nana. It was so much fun. Both babies take a while to warm up to the party scene, but once they get going - watch out! It was a great weekend with lots of family time. We loved playing with Sidney and Luke - and Uncle Mark made us a delicious breakfast. Stay tuned for pics and maybe some video.
Love ya!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Just cute...

They love their rocking horse - as long as I don't put them on it!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Use em if you have em...

Ella is currently sporting 9 teeth! They are coming fast and furious. Unfortunately no one knows that better than Drew. He now has teeth marks on his finger, ear and shoulder - and that is just from this morning. Her cute little kisses have turned into love bites!! Poor guy.