Monday, March 25, 2013

Hockey Dad

(Drew is number 13)

When Mike and I were registering for our wedding, he tested the Tea Cups. He didn't pay attention to color or brand name, just the feel. He held each delicate cup to determine how comfortable it was in his big hand. Then he cast his vote. 

When we talked baby names, he didn't write them out to see how they looked. He didn't google famous people who shared the name. Like with the China, he had his own test. He cheered for our unborn baby as if we were on the bleachers and not our couch. "Come on Cory!" "Lets go Natalie!" When I suggested Drew he tested it out. "Come on Drew! Lets go D!" 

So, sometimes when we are watching our oldest son play, I get the goosebumps. Not because he tries so hard, or because he looks so cute in his uniform. But because watching him play and hearing my husband cheer his name is a dream realized. Because it is exactly as we imagined 7 years ago on that couch...only better, way better. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Pick Up

They used shoes to mark the goal. A shovel to clear the ice as the snow fell onto their helmets. The older kids let them score and make saves. They felt like Hockey Rock Stars and begged to stay as the Winter Sun was setting. Their first Hockey Pick Up game...the first of many, Im certain. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blue Man

"Do I have to talk?"


"Ill do it!"

And so it was that my Shy Guy Drew was in the Talent Show at school. His friend the drummer, came up with the idea and Drew went along excitedly. It never dawned on him to be nervous. He didn't flinch when his face was painted or the tight swim cap was jammed onto his head. He played his role perfectly. We all sat in the audience beaming from ear to ear. I love how the kids surprise me all the time. 

Good Job Buddy!! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Going Home

As I drove over the GW bridge I felt the familiar excitement of being almost home. The kids were just waking from a car nap as the car slowed in Tri-State traffic.

"Are we at Grandma's yet?"

"Will we see all our cousins?"

"Can we walk Aunt Melissa's dogs?"

They felt the excitement too. Living far never gets easier or better. There are always parties that are missed, celebrations only over the phone, and family dinners every few months. But if there is one good thing about being far, perhaps the only good thing, it is the visits. Late night talks around kitchen tables, early breakfast chats about school, and sleepovers with cousins. Quality time.

This last visit home to New Jersey didn't disappoint. We saw so much of our cousins, there were perma grins all over the place! Museums with Aunt Melissa, Grandma's famous chicken cutlets, and visits with Aunt Lorraine. Mike surprised us by coming on the train, and the snow held off until we were 10 miles from home.

We are already counting the days until the next visit :)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Remember When...

Dear Ella, Drew, and Tyler-
Chances are you won't remember your first time night skiing. You won't remember that we were already tired when we left the house. You won't remember that we sang Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 on the way. You probably won't believe that you ever thought Blue Hills was "huge!"
It's ok if you forget, you are only 7 and 5 after all. It's ok, because I'll tell you the story. I'll leave out the parts about getting there later than I hoped and about the granular, slushy man made snow. But I'll be sure to tell you how your happy faces glowed in the spotlights. How after 2 runs on the bunny slope, you were ready to move on. How you jumped at the chance to ride chairlifts with willing teenagers and then cheered your new "buddies" on as they skied past you.
We will all laugh as I tell you about Ty trying to jump and Ella skiing through the short cuts in the woods. You'll giggle when I tell you that halfway through the night we realized that Drew was wearing his tinted goggles.
It's Ok if you don't remember your first time night skiing, because hopefully it will happen many more times as you grow up.
It's Ok if you don't remember, because I will never forget.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


Sometimes I hand my phone over to gain a moment of peace. I love when I discover gems like these in my photo albums.

After I recovered from the grossness, all I could think of was Sloth from the Goonies!
And, well, I see Ty in this pose all too frequently - but it still made me laugh!