Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Moment:: Happy Halloween!!

just a sneak peak...more pictures on Monday!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I call him T-Boney most of the time now. Apparently naming Colby with the "y" ending didn't satisfy my need for a cutesy ending. Although "Tyler" or more aptly "TYLER!!!!" may be the word I say shout most during the day.

It makes me a little sad, this bad rap that Ty has. But man, does he earn it sometimes. He has been harassing Colby for 3 straight days. Doing whatever he can to make Colby cry, scream, and freak out. I have to admit it is a little funny. Sometimes all Ty does is walk up and look at Colby's face - and BAM - instant screams!

The good news is that as fresh as he is, he is more cute and funny than anything else. At lunch the other day he was staring at my mother eating clams. He leaned over and whispered in my ear, "Mommy, I don't like the clams beechies" (our word for penis, and he was talking about the necks). And he can hug like no one else in this world.

There. Just a little note about my T-Boney.

ps. The hat was in the boys department, but every time I look at it, I think it is for a girl.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Last night we BOOed the neighbors. It was the most fun I've had in a long time (go ahead, make jokes about my social life...).

Do you know about "booing?"

It is basically Ding-Dong-Ditch, but you leave a cute little Halloween surprise for your neighbors. We put on our hoods and hats and snuck up the neighbors driveway. The kids were so cute, careful and quiet. Then we put our Boo note, a little bucket of treats and a smattering of plastic spiders (oohh, spooky!) on their doorstep. The kids got ready to run and I banged that door knocker as loud as I could. We took off for the bushes!

I could see the adrenaline on my kids faces and the little rush of excitement was so fun.

Im thinking of new spins we could do all maybe "elfing" or "leprechauning" or maybe Ill just start Ding-Dong-Ditching the neighbors for no good reason at all :)

ps. this sets a record for the post with the most non-words ever

Monday, October 24, 2011

Times they are a Changing...

 Three months have passed since we packed our lives up and moved in with my parents. And boy, I don't know if the novelty of how different life is will ever wear off. There are noticeable changes everyday, almost every minute. Take this weekend for example...
*Saturday AM my Dad took the 3 oldest kids to work with him. Because he wanted to. They drove 40 minutes each way to see him at work. They loved it.

*I went into Boston to take my real estate exam (I passed! Want to buy a house? Call me!)

*Mom watched the baby.

*Mike met up with my dad at soccer.

*Mike went to work.

*Dad took 3 big kids to a Thai food lunch with Aunti Pati and Nana Vera.

*I picked up Colby (mom went to work) and met up with everyone at the Fire Station Open House.

*I took Ella and Colby to my cousins house, while the boys went home with Dad.

And that was only Saturday. We spend more time apart, but at the same time it feels like we spend more time together.
Of course some things never change...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

These Two

Oh these two. They are going to be trouble, I tell ya. Three mornings a week they rule the roost. Colby, usually left to his own devices while the 3 kids play, is called upon as Tyler's playmate. I use the word "playmate" loosely....maybe "toy" would be more appropriate, or perhaps "victim."

It must be said that Colby is beginning to hold his own against the T-Bone. He yells back at Tyler, pinches his cheeks and tackles him when he is on the floor. He is 14 months old. And that is why we are going to be in trouble. Has Tyler met his match? Only time will tell.

In the meantime Im focusing on the tender moments, like the one above. Sometimes, for a minute, they are sweet together. Loads of kisses and hugs, sharing a love for the snack cabinet, and dancing away to music.

These two...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


When we have gorged ourselves on sandy shores and blue horizons, when we have packed away all but one bathing suit (just in case), when hot cups replace the iced...we head inland.

Sometimes it is a paved path surrounded by perfectly pruned beauties. Sometimes we zoom by nature on scooters and bikes. Sometimes it is well marked trails with neat bridges to discover or a perilous (for 5 yr olds!) summit to conquer. Sometimes it is just a patch of wild between home and the neighbors.

No matter which flavor of nature we chose, we dig in. We breathe deep, lengthen our strides and oscillate between adventuring off on our own and slowing up to hold a hand. If the beach is our church, the woods are our chapel. A place to come together a little closer, to connect to something bigger, and to appreciate.

Today we met friends and buzzed around the nature center enjoying conversation, fresh perspectives and flexing our social muscles. But when our friends pulled out of the parking lot, we hung by our car reluctantly. We weren't done. We headed back to the trail map and picked a doozy. A perfect loop carpeted with pine needles and just wide enough to push a sleeping baby in the stroller. There was a steady stream of chatter:: school, moss, friends, food. They scurried ahead, they hung back to hold my hand.

Sometimes my mind can zoom off to a million places, but today I took a breath, looked at where I was and at their faces...and I landed.

Monday, October 17, 2011

For Inspiration

There is a lot going on over here. We have licensing exams, orientations, new jobs...and then there is the whole business of settling into someone else's home and starting new schools.

Our old routines never made it into the moving boxes. Funny how when days were so monotonous, I longed for something different and now that each day is so unique, Im grasping for routine. Just when I start to wonder if we made the right choice, I look at my kids.

They are doing awesome. They are happier than they have ever been. They are more confident than they have ever been. They are flexible where they used to be rigid. They have more than adjusted, they are thriving.

And once I again I remember that the greatest lessons in parenting are the ones they are teaching me. Not knowing the sequence or schedule on the calendar isn't just because they haven't learned it yet - but because they are living in the now. This moment, this day is what matters to them. They aren't lamenting over what we have left behind or the way things used to be. They aren't worried about what will happen tomorrow, months from now, or in the coming year.

They can sit in the driveway and watch to see which animal eats the spilled cereal first. They can ride scooters and challenge themselves to do new tricks. They can sit and snuggle, relishing in the closeness of someone who loves them. They can go to bed each night exhausted from soaking up each and every moment.

And Im inspired to do the same.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Ahh, computers. We certainly are in a digital age and the kids will never know any different. Although Im sure our family is a little slow on the integration of technology in our lives, but I like it that way.
The kids favorite is PhotoBooth on our Macs. They could spend hours with the immediate satisfaction of silly faces preserved for eternity.

I was just thinking we should step up our computer usage.

And then a cup of coffee was spilled directly on my mother's laptop.

The good news is they didn't kick us out.

The bad news is, Im sure the computer is ruined.

So, we will stick with PhotoBooth and good old fashioned paper.

Friday, October 7, 2011

This Moment:: 4 Aunt Melissa

Ella: "Aunt Melissa would love me today because I have a roller skate on my shirt and Im an artist."
Me: "Aunt Melissa loves you everyday."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Take Notice

Days fly by around here. Sometimes if I don't stop and take notice, Im afraid Ill forget the way things are today.

**Colby eats his meals in a booster seat on top of the table or counter bar. His perch is perfect for observing his big brothers and sister, grabbing whatever is in reach and supervising the cooking.

**Tyler is struggling a bit with our Fall transition. He is VERY tired after school, but hasn't napped in years. He needs a little extra mommy time, and Im happy to coddle him. I know he will be too big too soon.

**Drew is relishing in Captain time. Just looking at them together is enough.

**Ella is trying to find her place amidst all the boys. She has been asking for a sister. She isn't getting one.

I love right now, especially since I will never have it again.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Colby to the G

 Im pretty sure he knows he's cute. He strikes a pose when he sees the camera out, shoots coy little smiles when he does a trick, and plays peek-a-boo with a face you could just devour. It's a good thing too.

You see this little perfect baby of mine has a few phases working right now that I could do without. I know, I is just a will pass. But geesh. He follows me around most of the day and grabs onto my pant legs. When he gets a good grip, the whining starts. And.It.Doesn't.Stop.
And the baby who used to plop into his crib with a nippy and a kiss now requires me to stand next to his crib until he falls asleep. I don't do that. At least I never did before and never thought I would.

If he is outside he is happy. Lucky for him we are out a lot.

Like I said, good thing he is cute! xoxo

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mama's Girl

 We are doing a Fall clean out over here, and it has turned into something of a walk down memory lane. You never know what you will uncover in the next box! This morning I found my old barbies, doll clothes, and horse back riding trophies. I immediately thought of my daughter. She loves to hear about what I did when I was a little girl.

Having a girl is awesome. I love to pick out her clothes and do her hair. And Im excited by the potential of  having a little girl. The possibilities of shopping trips and getting our nails done. Of late night talks about boys and sharing make-up. Of being with her on her wedding day and when she has her babies. Just like my mom was with me.

I can't wait for her to get home from school today so I can share my treasures with her. I doubt she will play with a barbie, and she has no dolls to dress in the clothes I played with, but it will be fun anyway.  You see she isn't the same girl I was - She would rather play Batman in the bushes and snuggle up to her animals than braid a doll's hair. But I see me in her competitiveness, her inner drive to accomplish something just out of her reach, and the way she cares for other people.

That is the wonder of having my girl. Watching her become her own person, finding the similarities that connect us, and building what I hope will be an awesome relationship for years to come.

ps. I would be remiss to leave out my boys---Of course I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my boys :) xoxo

Monday, October 3, 2011

Jumping into Fall

We turned the page on the calendar to October this weekend, and I was a little disappointed with the warm muggy air. It is Fall after all and Im ready for sweaters, hoods, apple picking, pumpkins and the other gems of the season. 

On Sunday just after lunchtime, I felt goosebumps on my arm. That was all I needed. I quickly did a little research on the computer, picked out cute Fall outfits for the kids and packed everyone into the car. We were going to find Fall. 

And we did. 

Although the sweaters were soon tossed into the stroller, we ran through hay, jumped into a corn pit and shot corn from a cannon. We stayed celebrating and ushering in Fall until closing. 

I think Fall appreciated us welcoming her with style, we were rewarded this morning with crisp, cool perfectly Fall air.