Monday, October 24, 2011

Times they are a Changing...

 Three months have passed since we packed our lives up and moved in with my parents. And boy, I don't know if the novelty of how different life is will ever wear off. There are noticeable changes everyday, almost every minute. Take this weekend for example...
*Saturday AM my Dad took the 3 oldest kids to work with him. Because he wanted to. They drove 40 minutes each way to see him at work. They loved it.

*I went into Boston to take my real estate exam (I passed! Want to buy a house? Call me!)

*Mom watched the baby.

*Mike met up with my dad at soccer.

*Mike went to work.

*Dad took 3 big kids to a Thai food lunch with Aunti Pati and Nana Vera.

*I picked up Colby (mom went to work) and met up with everyone at the Fire Station Open House.

*I took Ella and Colby to my cousins house, while the boys went home with Dad.

And that was only Saturday. We spend more time apart, but at the same time it feels like we spend more time together.
Of course some things never change...


Shauna said...

LOVE this photo of Steve, Nancy and Colby!!!

And LOVE hearing how happy you all are!

kdk said...

HA!I love this photo too. This is when Colby was hanging on to the correct pair of legs :)