Thursday, November 29, 2012


He can't stop dancing. At home, in a store, or the car- it doesn't matter.

"I love you to the Moooon!" He shouts as his little arms wrap around your neck.

"Mum! Where are you?" He calls through the house as he tracks me down.

"NO BOBO!" the soundtrack to our days.

"No home!" the call from the backseat as we turn down our road.

Video is needed because before I know it, this phase will be over and Ill start to forget.

Pass the tissues.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


My 13 year old client sat on the couch across from me today. His sneakers separated at the toe, so when he crossed his legs the piece flapped and hung from the shoe. He asked me if we could cut our meeting short so he could get to the Boys & Girls Club before the home work help session was over.

I was excited. I had submitted his story to the local paper and it was chosen to be published in the annual Holiday giving drive. This boy with the tattered shoes and a tattered heart from a family who has never failed to let him down - this boy is going to receive $1000 for food, clothes, after school activities, whatever he wants! Woo Hoo! Let the fun begin!!

"Well, maybe a $100 dollars to Marshalls so I can get some new clothes. And then the rest to the supermarket so my grandmother doesn't have to worry about food."

For the first time in his life he was lucky. He won big. The golden ticket. And he thought not of himself, but of his grandmother.

I never want to forget that moment. And I will pray, hope, and work every day to instill that same selflessness and generosity of spirit in my children.

ps. After some discussion he decided on $100 to Game Stop, and then split the rest between clothes and food :) 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life = Pretzels

 Sometimes life is like a pretzel. A big, salted, overpriced, farthest thing from organic, NYC street vendor pretzel. It may not be exactly what you want or need, but sometimes you just need to sit down on a bench and take a big bite. If you get caught up in the details, you miss out on the sheer joy of it all.

Ask Colby, he knows.

Monday, November 26, 2012


 It started with the easiest trip we have ever had to NJ. The Thanksgiving Gods were smiling down on us - clearing the highway of traffic and keeping our kids happy and busy in the back of the Family Roadster. And the weekend just kept getting better. The kids were so happy to be at Grandma & Pop Pops house and they were equally happy to see them.

We reveled in stories and laughs as only a family that has been together for so long can do. We hugged each others children, tickled their bellies, and asked about school. The kids skip all that and go straight to playing - making forts, performing rehearsed dance shows, and buddying up.

I never take as many pictures as I planned. Some memories are just meant to be seared into my brain and heart. And this visit was all about the feelings I get seeing our family together - no camera could capture that.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Moments That Matter

Sometimes when I get caught up in ridiculous things, I scroll through my phones pictures and look at the moments that really matter.


Pitch In

Fall cleanup is no joke in my Dad's big yard. Throw in a hurricane and a Nor'easter, and well, it seems never ending. So whether they volunteer or their help is requested, everyone pitches in.


I love it. I love to look across the yard and see my family working together. I love the smell of the air and the crunch of the leaves. I love to see how proud they are when they make a contribution, no matter how small. I like to talk about how good it feels to do something for someone who does so much for you.



Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Thoughts are There

 We are hours away from New York and New Jersey. Our lights are on, our gas tanks full and our home dry. But we can't stop thinking about our friends and family who are having a tough time right now as a result of Sandy.  Somehow the devastation is more real, not only because our friends are effected, but because our memories still live there too.