Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Into the Woods

 We cant help ourselves. Once the air gets a hint of crispness and spots of yellow dot the trees, we head to the woods. On a recent Thursday afternoon we left school and made a beeline for Blue Hills. Not quite a mountain, but challenging for little legs (and momma legs with a big 2 yr old on her back!). The hike up is a steep rocky incline with a view of Boston as a reward at the peak (does a hill have a peak?)
 The way down is a meandering trail carpeted in pine needles and newly fallen leaves. The kids run more than they walk and I love to watch them. Being in the woods, in awe of nature and feeling so lucky to have these awesome healthy kids...I feel happy. I remind myself that I don't need any more than what I have. Some people have church, others therapy or wine - I have my kids and the great outdoors :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

That Parent

I've realized that I am one of those parents. I am one of those parents that was a better (the best!) parent before I had kids. I wouldn't be the parent opening up packages in the aisle at the grocery to shush a screaming kid. I wouldn't be the one licking my fingers to wipe a messy chin. And I certainly would not be that parent screaming on the side lines of a 6 yr olds game.

Except, well, it turns out that I am. I am that parent. And Im not sure I can stop.

I scream at my 6 yr olds games. Of course, only encouraging things like, "Go! Go! Ella, stick with it!!" or "Take it to the net, Drew!!" I realize I look stupid. Im sure other parents talk about me on the way home. I get why my husband stands across the rink from me (lol). It is ridiculous. And I can't stop.

I even give myself pep talks on the way to the games. "Im not going to yell this time. They are just little kids. It isn't that big of a deal. Im not going to yell." And then I yell. Every time.

It is just too much for me to take. They are so damn cute in their little uniforms. And they try so hard. And they are so excited. And when I watch them I am so proud and so happy that I literally burst.

Is there a 12 step program for this?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


 Our weeks can get pretty crazy. Well, maybe crazy isn't the word. Busy? Rushed? Filled? Maybe all of the above. Granted most of it is fun - gymnastics, hockey, soccer, and story time. And some of it is not - school and work. So, carving out some real quality time has become even more important. Let me introduce Thursday Afternoons. I work Tuesday afternoons returning home well after bedtime and then back in most of the day Wednesday. By the time Thursday rolls around, I miss my kids. And as luck would have it, the kids have a half day every Thursday. Yes, EVERY Thursday!
 Thursday has become our day and I can't get enough. Im first in line at the school pick up spot with snacks packed and a plan. We hit the road, singing, chatting, teasing and fighting - I love it all. They are mine and for a few hours, they are all mine.
Stay tuned for tales of our Thursday adventures....