Tuesday, October 2, 2012


 Our weeks can get pretty crazy. Well, maybe crazy isn't the word. Busy? Rushed? Filled? Maybe all of the above. Granted most of it is fun - gymnastics, hockey, soccer, and story time. And some of it is not - school and work. So, carving out some real quality time has become even more important. Let me introduce Thursday Afternoons. I work Tuesday afternoons returning home well after bedtime and then back in most of the day Wednesday. By the time Thursday rolls around, I miss my kids. And as luck would have it, the kids have a half day every Thursday. Yes, EVERY Thursday!
 Thursday has become our day and I can't get enough. Im first in line at the school pick up spot with snacks packed and a plan. We hit the road, singing, chatting, teasing and fighting - I love it all. They are mine and for a few hours, they are all mine.
Stay tuned for tales of our Thursday adventures....

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Maryjo S. said...

They are all getting so big and so adorable!! You are the best mom! I love reading your little blog!