Wednesday, March 14, 2012


 We have always called her our Monkey, but I think we should have nicknamed her Mountain Goat. This girl loves to climb. One of the best things about being a parent is sharing my favorite things with my kids - the beach, reading, skiing, animals - and watching them fall in love too. But as they get older I realize it is just as thrilling to watch them discover their own passions. Ella climbs. She isn't afraid and will gladly accept any challenge to try another trail, or to reach the top. My heart races in fear that she will need me to rescue her - heights are not my favorite thing. But she never does. She perches on rock walls, in the limbs of trees, and the tops of the playground with the cutest, smuggest, proudest damn smile you've ever seen.

That's my Monkey.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wild & Crazy

 There is never a dull moment.
 Thank goodness.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Brothers

I was thinking about Big Brothers today. I saw both of mine this weekend, a rarity that has the potential of being more frequent now, but for years happened a handful of times in a calendar year. I thought about a young friend who is losing his big brother much, much too early. The sadness of that loss is overwhelming, especially since I can't imagine a day without my brothers.
I still look up to my big brothers and not just because they tower over me. I look up to Matt as a parent. His unending patience, his gentleness and the way he plays princess as well as he mans a light saber. I love his passion for life. He gets genuinely excited about the next new band he discovers or getting some guys together for a Pond Hockey tournament he set as a goal a year ago. I look up to Mark for so many reasons. Everyone knows Mark and everyone loves him. Big, burly and tattooed on the outside, he is absolutely one of the nicest and most caring guys I know. And Mark lives his life. He knows what he loves and he does it.  No excuses, no putting off for another day what he can enjoy now. We get frustrated with each other from time to time and disagree on any number of subjects. But when it really counts, I know exactly who to call.

I look at my boys and I hope with all my heart that 30 years from now they can say the same.

Friday, March 9, 2012

New England

 I watched them head over the dunes and onto the beach - winter coats, Halloween buckets and the beach - we defied the seasons, and if that doesn't say New England, I don't know what does.
 It was February vacation and warm enough to spend an afternoon seaside. There was no one else there and the wind whipped around our heads making conversations difficult. So we spread out. Ella on the hunt for perfect rocks, Ty writing in the sand, and Drew determined to make it to the big rock first. Me, I had my camera, the kids and the beach...content is not the word.
 We met up near the "exploring place" and sat together in the sun. We talked about the summer and being at the beach all day. We talked about where the crabs go when it is cold and what the seagulls can eat. We talked about how sometimes we like to play with friends and sometimes we like it to be just us. That was my favorite part of the conversation. I love to listen to how their minds work.

I love.