Friday, March 9, 2012

New England

 I watched them head over the dunes and onto the beach - winter coats, Halloween buckets and the beach - we defied the seasons, and if that doesn't say New England, I don't know what does.
 It was February vacation and warm enough to spend an afternoon seaside. There was no one else there and the wind whipped around our heads making conversations difficult. So we spread out. Ella on the hunt for perfect rocks, Ty writing in the sand, and Drew determined to make it to the big rock first. Me, I had my camera, the kids and the beach...content is not the word.
 We met up near the "exploring place" and sat together in the sun. We talked about the summer and being at the beach all day. We talked about where the crabs go when it is cold and what the seagulls can eat. We talked about how sometimes we like to play with friends and sometimes we like it to be just us. That was my favorite part of the conversation. I love to listen to how their minds work.

I love.

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