Thursday, May 29, 2008

Curious Minds

Ella and Drew have been asking the same questions over and over these days. Here are their favorites:
"What's that, Mommy" to every noise they hear.
"Need help, Mommy?" Ella asks me this often.
"Whose crying?"
"Go park, mommy?" Drew asks this when going to sleep at night and nap.
"Move, mum, move?" Drew asks this when he sees construction equipment.

You may notice that they also say "mommy" a lot. Drew especially says it repeatedly. Sometimes he will say it at the beginning and the end of each sentence. For instance, "Mommy, what's that, mommy?" I imagine it would annoy some people, but I honestly love it.

Wake Up!!

Ella has been taking her time going to sleep these days. She seems completely content just hanging out in her crib for up to an hour before falling asleep. You can hear her singing, talking, or banging her feet. Usually I ignore her, as does Drew, however this afternoon I heard loud yelling. I went in there and she was leaning over the crib rail getting as close to Drew as possible yelling "Wake UP!! Wake Up!!" He was sleeping like a little lamb. I asked her what she was doing and she replied, "I yelling, Drew wake up!" I asked her why..."I want to play with him." I told her it was time to sleep and she could play with Drew later. She replied, "Oh, OK." and laid down. That was 20 min ago and I haven't heard a peep since. I guess she just needed a reminder that it was nap time!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Giving Choices

Ask any parent, sometimes the best way of getting your kid to do something is to give a choice. Examples, "Do you want mommy or daddy to change you?" "Do you want to walk to your room or should I carry you?" Usually when I give them both the same choice, one of them would just say whatever the other said. This would occur when picking books to read, which park to go to, what to eat, etc. Well, the little buggers are expressing their individuality and ALWAYS picking different things. Now I need to change up my whole strategy and think of something new. It's amazing how kids always know how to get you!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Funny, yet Blurry, Video

Sorry for the blurry, shakiness...Also, I NEVER laugh when Ella hits Drew, I just found it too funny that I finally caught her craziness on camera!

Summer Resolution

Stay-at-home dad's are more likely to take the kids on outings and trips, while stay-at-home mom's spend more time cleaning and playgroups. The dad in this enlightening article that I read said, "I'd rather take the kids on an adventure than sit around a park or house chatting with other parents." My twisted brain immediately translated this into a challenge and a competition. And yes, I will win. Thus begins the Dargan Summer of Field trips and Adventures!!
Rules of Competition:
1. At least one trip per week
2. Trips can be repeated (please, they're toddlers, they love repetition!)
3. Trips should be less than 20 miles from home, or utilize public transportation
4. Total cost should not exceed $20

Take that anonymous stay-at-home adventurous dad!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This is what happens when a 2-yr-old gets a hold of the camera...There were about 15 of these shots on my camera...keep your fingers crossed that he didn't cause permanent eye damage!

Ella putting on a show

My mother has a better video on her camera of both Ella and Drew, Ill try to get it. This is Ella playing her spoon, ie the clarinet. They played their instruments along with the band for most of the night!

First Wedding

Mike's Wedding 2008

Click on the picture for an album...
Believe me, they insisted I bring the kids!! Normally we wouldn't have attempted it, but no babysitters, no bottles, what could we do? Anyway, we had a great time. The wedding and rehearsal dinner were both in Nahant, Mass. What a beautiful place! Awesome views of the ocean and Boston skyline. The wedding was a lot of fun and all the kids loved dancing! My kids are obsessed with music and were super excited to see the live band. After 10:30 we put the kids in their PJs and tried to make a quick exit. Next thing we know they are dancing like fools with a whole crowd around them. They danced and jumped for 20 min with Nonnie and the bride and loved every minute! Of course my camera had died...

Little Update


Click above for an album...

We have had a busy few weeks!! We went to the zoo, the Children's Museum for cousin Luke's bday, and we have been enjoying the spring weather in our city's parks. We took our first trip of the season to NYC on the ferry. Drew and Ella crack us up with their rudimentary conversations. Tyler is getting so big and adding to his bag of tricks. He rolls all over the room, is almost sitting up, and he recently tried cereal. He seems to like raisins better...ask Ella about that one! We found a house to rent out of Hoboken, so we are preparing to move in a few weeks. We are going to miss our friends and lifestyle here so much!

You know he has a tooth...

While at my friend's house we were discussing Tyler's lack of sleeping. She suggested that it may be due to his teething. I said maybe, but don't you think it is a little early? She responded, "You know he has a tooth, right? I can see it from here!" Honestly, I had no idea!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Little Tyler

Ohh, Tyler. He is inching toward 5 months...and he is up all the time at night and fights naps during the day. Thank goodness he is such a cute, smiley, happy little guy. He just wants to be talked to, tickled, and most of all to have Ella and Drew in sight. The ballgame changed a little because he now rolls all over the place. I can't put him on the couch or leave him on the changing table. So, there he is laying on the floor like a big target for the kids and all their toys to smash him. Poor little guy!

Spring Fever

The bears have crawled out of their caves. The trees are budding. The grass is green. My kids have gone crazy!! It is amazing. They have become different kids. They yell. They run. They act SILLY all the time. Well established rules have been thrown out the window! They make silly faces and ridiculous noises. They will start to sing a song then go crazy making the other one laugh. All I can do is shake my head and try to maintain some control...

Summer do

If you are from my neck of the woods, you call it a "Wifle" if you are proud to be from Jersey, you may call it a "Peachy"...I just call it cute. Drew got a buzz cut! Check out the before and after...