Monday, April 14, 2008

Monthly Update take 28

April 2008

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It is that time again...Tyler had his 4 month check-up this AM and did wonderfully. He is now 15 lbs, which explains why my back hurts! He is such a happy, smily guy even at the doctor's office. He loves to sit up and watch his "big kids" and seems to enjoy being in the baby carrier at the park. He is still up a bunch at night and refuses the bottle, but we are working on it :)
Drew is still a music maniac! He has a new guitar with strings that is his pride and joy. As soon as he wakes up he starts playing. He loves to enlist the rest of the family in his band assigning instruments to Ella, myself and Mike. We are quite a site sitting in the living room with our guitars, drums, harmonicas and maracas. Drew is daddy's buddy, he loves to play with him, lay on the couch with him, read with him...anything with Daddy is fun. My favorite is when he sees Mike getting ready for work and says "Daddy, hug."
Ella is in baby mode. How convienant that we have a bunch of baby stuff around! Her dolls are in Tyler's swing, carseat, bouncy seat and cradle. She loves to feed them, change them and carry them around. She is so gentle and loving. Ella has also started taking pride in our family and loves to introduce us to everyone we see. And yes, Mike and I are introduced as Mike and Lauren.
Ella and Drew are talking to each other more and more. It is pretty funny and I am trying to catch them on video. They talk about toys, books, and what they want to do.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hit Head!! Hit Head!!

Ella is quite the actress...but wait you already knew that! One of her ways of practicing her acting skills is by acting out events for Mike when he gets home from work. She doesn't act out games that we play or songs that we sing, she gives dramatic performances of falls. Earlier this week Drew hit his head while we were in the bank. Each evening since Ella yells, "Drew hit head at bank!" while she runs around just as he was doing when he was injured. She also rolls on the floor and says "Fall of chair Lily's house. Hit head!!" Which both she and Drew did while on a play date. Finally yesterday she slipped on the floor and fell flat on her back. "Daddy, I fell floor. Lay down. Cry!"

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Beauty Shop

Nonnie was here for a few days helping in our house hunt. Ella and Drew had a blast with her as always. One of their new favorite games is to do for all adults!! This pic shows Ella doing braids for Nonnie!