Thursday, September 30, 2010

Happy Place

I know I've written about our little zoo many times before...but I just can't help it. A few miles from home. One loop around to see all the animals. Rarely more than a few families there on a weekday. A train. A carousel. A playground. Really, what more could we ask for?
I love how comfortable the crew is when we are here. It is as if it is our own backyard. They know all the animals from Coatis to Tapirs. They have seen them awake, asleep and eating. But, they never tire of visiting them, they always want to come back, and always want to stay just a little longer.
I love it here too. I've always loved animals and it is fun to share that interest with my monkeys. And a little fresh air never hurt.

Ahh, it is our happy place.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


The kids try to balance on anything they can find - arms out straight, faces locked in concentration, and willing to try over and over until they can make it.

Im trying to balance too. If only it were as easy as straightening my arms and placing one foot in front of the other. It seems there is never enough time, never enough energy, never enough. The same can probably be said by all of us. I tend to wobble the most when I try to balance my own needs into my busy family. Ah, the woes of a mother. I remind myself that there is a time for everything. This isn't the time for me. Right now my life is about four awesome kids and guiding them, one step at a time.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


This picture cracks me up for so many reasons. It is a little snapshot into so many of the ho-hum moments of the day.

Drew is often just to the side. A little late in joining in on the action and wisely steering clear of trouble. He also loves to examine his boo-boos and access his injuries.

Did someone say trouble? Look at those two. I honestly have no idea what was going on, and most likely Ella and Tyler have no clue what they are doing either. But as usual it includes laughing and would probably end in tears if I didn't break them up.

Bottom line is even when we are doing something boring - like waiting for Dad on a park bench - we make it fun (or trouble)!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Going Back

"Mommy where did the BIG ducky go?"

We spent the afternoon in Hoboken last week. It was the kind of day that reminded me of how much I loved living in Hoboken. When the weather was so good, the company so great, that I forgot to go home. Mike would meet us in the park after work and we would grab a bite to eat, dining al fresco. We would return home well after dark and way past bedtime. Then repeat it all the next day.

Being there reminded me of the life that exists in a city - the action and the energy that is missing in the suburbs. I love it. There were memories at every corner. It was one of the best times of my life. New babies, new friends and the perfect setting to enjoy it all. I wouldn't trade it for anything. At the same time, I had an overwhelming sense that I could never do it again. That we have moved on and are headed for something different.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Stand In

I think of this picture everyday. Colby does this exact side smile and when he does he looks just like Ella.

When you are the 4th baby I guess you need to settle for one of the thousands of pictures of your sibling that looks like you - instead of your own pictures.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Big Six

Colby is a whopping 6 weeks now, although I can barely remember what our life was like without him. I am still hesitant to say who he is, after all 6 weeks is a short time to get to know someone...but his little personality is starting to emerge.
He is my chubbiest baby with extra rolls under his chin, on his back (what?!), and on his little thighs. His hair is a fluffy blonde when fresh from the tub and every now and then his amazing blue eyes cross. The day is passed mostly by sleeping, but he wakes every 3 hours or so to eat. Mike and I can barely sleep because he makes the craziest grunts and silly noises.
Absolutely the best thing about being 6 weeks old is happy smiles. Ones that start at his lips, slowly push up the cheeks, and then end with his adorable squinting eyes. My favorites are when he spits his pacifier out to smile up at me. It doesn't take much, just look him in the eye and he smiles - delighting us all.

I wish Tyler could write this post because he is so in love/obsessed with Colby. This morning I caught him almost laying on Colby saying, "I love you my good boy. You a good baby, Toby."

Now if we can just teach Tyler his baby brother's name...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Phi Beta

How My House Resembles a Frat House:
(I think, because I've never been to one!)

  1. The Bathrooms are disgusting. You never know what you will find in my bathrooms, but with 2 little boys potty trained, you can count on PeePee being everywhere.
  2. We are up all night. Colby is up every 3 hours - add to that colds, wetting the bed, and general scary dreams....getting the picture?
  3. Gas jokes are hilarious. As if burps and farts weren't funny enough, now the baby provides lots of material for hysterical laughter, including spit up.
  4. Binge Drinking. Of milk. By Tyler. Im talking gallons...
  5. Nakedness. It's just not a day until a little white bum goes streaking by.
Hopefully they will get it out of their systems now!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer's End

Today marked the official end of summer. We headed down to the beach to soak up the last of the summer rays and reminisce about our favorite season.
I could sit there all day. I love to watch the kids with the backdrop of the ocean. Running, jumping, yelling - whatever they want to do. They have such amazing energy and lively spirits, being at the ocean brings it all out.
Today was spectacular. The air was perfect, the waves big and the sky an amazing shade of blue.
We said our final goodbye to summer sitting on a bench across from the ocean with big drippy ice cream cones.
See you next year Summer!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Growing Girl

She walked in the door this weekend and it suddenly hit me like a mack truck. Something about the way she looked at me, or her outfit, or whatever it was that she was telling me about. My teeny tiny 4 lb 9 oz baby with the perfectly round face is not a baby anymore. She is a little girl. A little girl filled with sass and a heart as big as the moon. She is almost 5, which seems so old, even though I know we have a long way to go.
Im so proud of her. Im so in love with her. Im so lucky to be a part of her every far.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

What a Difference

A year makes.

1st Day of Preschool last year

And first day of preschool this year. Notice those big smiles this year!
So excited and so lucky to be at the same school with the same teacher.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I couldn't be with everyone to say good-bye today. But Auntie will be in my thoughts and heart all day. Here she is just over a month ago. So beautiful, as always.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Forever Young

Auntie Louise was that Aunt. The one who was always grouchy, pinched your cheeks too hard and complained about things like her feet.

But she always did it with a twinkle in her eye that said so much more. Her eyes told the real story. That she was just having fun and that she loved her family more than anything.

She was 95 when she passed away on my 33rd birthday this past Friday. Two weeks ago we introduced Colby to the legend that is Auntie Louise. He met her in her apartment while Ella and Tyler ran around and the women circled at her feet - the queen. Auntie invited me to go play the slots and she was concerned about how I had been feeling...having fun and loving her family.

I like to picture her sitting in the same seat she always sat in at my Grandmother's table. Her nails impeccably done and a cute little cigarette purse in front of her. She was always shoving a bill into my hand - a model of generosity. And I like to think of the 93 years my Grandmother and Aunt spent together. Gossiping, laughing, eating and gambling - having fun and loving their family. They talked every night for an hour - despite the fact that for the last few years neither of them could hear very well.

We will all miss you, Auntie.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


According to the calendar, Summer is just about over, but with temps in the 90s it seems Summer didn't get the memo.

I'll admit, this wasn't my favorite summer - pregnancy really stinks in 90-100 degree days. I've been wishing for Fall for weeks and organizing my to do list full of hikes and apple picking.

But we did have one fantastic summery beach day this week. Watching the kids splash in tide pools, fill buckets with crabs, and roll in the sand was like savouring the last bites of a delicious dish.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Oh to be loved. Is there anything better in the world?
Can you feel it?
I can.
No matter where we are.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Have Seat...

...will travel.

Colby is 3 weeks old and (close your eyes Nana - don't read anymore) so far he has been to these places:

*indoor and outdoor playgrounds
*bookstore story time
*nature center

And those are just the fun places. Im not even counting the errands and doctor's visits that he has accompanied me on. The funny thing is that at all of these places he has stayed in his seat, maybe getting out once to be fed on a quiet bench.

This kid is already an adventurer...even if he doesn't know it.