Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Big Six

Colby is a whopping 6 weeks now, although I can barely remember what our life was like without him. I am still hesitant to say who he is, after all 6 weeks is a short time to get to know someone...but his little personality is starting to emerge.
He is my chubbiest baby with extra rolls under his chin, on his back (what?!), and on his little thighs. His hair is a fluffy blonde when fresh from the tub and every now and then his amazing blue eyes cross. The day is passed mostly by sleeping, but he wakes every 3 hours or so to eat. Mike and I can barely sleep because he makes the craziest grunts and silly noises.
Absolutely the best thing about being 6 weeks old is happy smiles. Ones that start at his lips, slowly push up the cheeks, and then end with his adorable squinting eyes. My favorites are when he spits his pacifier out to smile up at me. It doesn't take much, just look him in the eye and he smiles - delighting us all.

I wish Tyler could write this post because he is so in love/obsessed with Colby. This morning I caught him almost laying on Colby saying, "I love you my good boy. You a good baby, Toby."

Now if we can just teach Tyler his baby brother's name...

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