Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Phi Beta

How My House Resembles a Frat House:
(I think, because I've never been to one!)

  1. The Bathrooms are disgusting. You never know what you will find in my bathrooms, but with 2 little boys potty trained, you can count on PeePee being everywhere.
  2. We are up all night. Colby is up every 3 hours - add to that colds, wetting the bed, and general scary dreams....getting the picture?
  3. Gas jokes are hilarious. As if burps and farts weren't funny enough, now the baby provides lots of material for hysterical laughter, including spit up.
  4. Binge Drinking. Of milk. By Tyler. Im talking gallons...
  5. Nakedness. It's just not a day until a little white bum goes streaking by.
Hopefully they will get it out of their systems now!

1 comment:

jan walsh said...

i think you've got the frat house down to a T!!! i just love reading
about your growing family and their antics. each one is such a treasure, hang on for the ride!!! THESE ARE THE BEST DAYS OF YOUR LIVES!!! raising children , it does go by so quickly, love cousin jan