Sunday, September 12, 2010

Forever Young

Auntie Louise was that Aunt. The one who was always grouchy, pinched your cheeks too hard and complained about things like her feet.

But she always did it with a twinkle in her eye that said so much more. Her eyes told the real story. That she was just having fun and that she loved her family more than anything.

She was 95 when she passed away on my 33rd birthday this past Friday. Two weeks ago we introduced Colby to the legend that is Auntie Louise. He met her in her apartment while Ella and Tyler ran around and the women circled at her feet - the queen. Auntie invited me to go play the slots and she was concerned about how I had been feeling...having fun and loving her family.

I like to picture her sitting in the same seat she always sat in at my Grandmother's table. Her nails impeccably done and a cute little cigarette purse in front of her. She was always shoving a bill into my hand - a model of generosity. And I like to think of the 93 years my Grandmother and Aunt spent together. Gossiping, laughing, eating and gambling - having fun and loving their family. They talked every night for an hour - despite the fact that for the last few years neither of them could hear very well.

We will all miss you, Auntie.


Stacy said...

Oh, Lauren, she is beautiful, and how special that she was able to meet Colby. So sorry for your loss, thinking a lot lately about your beautiful family. xoxo

Shauna said...

Thanks for putting into such beautiful words what a wonderful lady Louise was. Touching, lovely... and reminds us all that a life well lived comes down to having fun and loving your family. She'll be missed!

kd said...

Auntie! Lauren - I have so many happy and silly memories of Auntie Louise and many of them are the same as yours I know. We'll all miss her so much.

Monkey Business said...

Seems like there is so much more to be said. She was great.
Kate - I would love to have posted that pic of the two of you at your wedding. It is such a great shot of Auntie.