Friday, May 23, 2008

Summer Resolution

Stay-at-home dad's are more likely to take the kids on outings and trips, while stay-at-home mom's spend more time cleaning and playgroups. The dad in this enlightening article that I read said, "I'd rather take the kids on an adventure than sit around a park or house chatting with other parents." My twisted brain immediately translated this into a challenge and a competition. And yes, I will win. Thus begins the Dargan Summer of Field trips and Adventures!!
Rules of Competition:
1. At least one trip per week
2. Trips can be repeated (please, they're toddlers, they love repetition!)
3. Trips should be less than 20 miles from home, or utilize public transportation
4. Total cost should not exceed $20

Take that anonymous stay-at-home adventurous dad!!

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