Tuesday, October 9, 2012

That Parent

I've realized that I am one of those parents. I am one of those parents that was a better (the best!) parent before I had kids. I wouldn't be the parent opening up packages in the aisle at the grocery to shush a screaming kid. I wouldn't be the one licking my fingers to wipe a messy chin. And I certainly would not be that parent screaming on the side lines of a 6 yr olds game.

Except, well, it turns out that I am. I am that parent. And Im not sure I can stop.

I scream at my 6 yr olds games. Of course, only encouraging things like, "Go! Go! Ella, stick with it!!" or "Take it to the net, Drew!!" I realize I look stupid. Im sure other parents talk about me on the way home. I get why my husband stands across the rink from me (lol). It is ridiculous. And I can't stop.

I even give myself pep talks on the way to the games. "Im not going to yell this time. They are just little kids. It isn't that big of a deal. Im not going to yell." And then I yell. Every time.

It is just too much for me to take. They are so damn cute in their little uniforms. And they try so hard. And they are so excited. And when I watch them I am so proud and so happy that I literally burst.

Is there a 12 step program for this?

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kdk said...

I just pictured Mike standing across the rink from you and laughed out loud :)Too funny!