Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Into the Woods

 We cant help ourselves. Once the air gets a hint of crispness and spots of yellow dot the trees, we head to the woods. On a recent Thursday afternoon we left school and made a beeline for Blue Hills. Not quite a mountain, but challenging for little legs (and momma legs with a big 2 yr old on her back!). The hike up is a steep rocky incline with a view of Boston as a reward at the peak (does a hill have a peak?)
 The way down is a meandering trail carpeted in pine needles and newly fallen leaves. The kids run more than they walk and I love to watch them. Being in the woods, in awe of nature and feeling so lucky to have these awesome healthy kids...I feel happy. I remind myself that I don't need any more than what I have. Some people have church, others therapy or wine - I have my kids and the great outdoors :)

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kdk said...

Love this post! We'd love to hit up Blue Hill with you guys(or at least one of the Audobon places) one day soon!