Monday, November 26, 2012


 It started with the easiest trip we have ever had to NJ. The Thanksgiving Gods were smiling down on us - clearing the highway of traffic and keeping our kids happy and busy in the back of the Family Roadster. And the weekend just kept getting better. The kids were so happy to be at Grandma & Pop Pops house and they were equally happy to see them.

We reveled in stories and laughs as only a family that has been together for so long can do. We hugged each others children, tickled their bellies, and asked about school. The kids skip all that and go straight to playing - making forts, performing rehearsed dance shows, and buddying up.

I never take as many pictures as I planned. Some memories are just meant to be seared into my brain and heart. And this visit was all about the feelings I get seeing our family together - no camera could capture that.

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Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

Sometimes words aren't enough for the love we share as a family full of laughter and adventures. There is nothing like being with the "Boston Dargans" ... We make up for our time apart by having a blast when we are all together.. . Thanks for being so awesome Lauren. Your love for life and your perseverance show in all that you create. Kisses and Hugs from NJ!