Thursday, October 6, 2011

Take Notice

Days fly by around here. Sometimes if I don't stop and take notice, Im afraid Ill forget the way things are today.

**Colby eats his meals in a booster seat on top of the table or counter bar. His perch is perfect for observing his big brothers and sister, grabbing whatever is in reach and supervising the cooking.

**Tyler is struggling a bit with our Fall transition. He is VERY tired after school, but hasn't napped in years. He needs a little extra mommy time, and Im happy to coddle him. I know he will be too big too soon.

**Drew is relishing in Captain time. Just looking at them together is enough.

**Ella is trying to find her place amidst all the boys. She has been asking for a sister. She isn't getting one.

I love right now, especially since I will never have it again.

1 comment:

kdk said...

Maybe Ella will give up and start asking fo a puppy soon :)