Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Remember When...

Dear Ella, Drew, and Tyler-
Chances are you won't remember your first time night skiing. You won't remember that we were already tired when we left the house. You won't remember that we sang Bruno Mars and Maroon 5 on the way. You probably won't believe that you ever thought Blue Hills was "huge!"
It's ok if you forget, you are only 7 and 5 after all. It's ok, because I'll tell you the story. I'll leave out the parts about getting there later than I hoped and about the granular, slushy man made snow. But I'll be sure to tell you how your happy faces glowed in the spotlights. How after 2 runs on the bunny slope, you were ready to move on. How you jumped at the chance to ride chairlifts with willing teenagers and then cheered your new "buddies" on as they skied past you.
We will all laugh as I tell you about Ty trying to jump and Ella skiing through the short cuts in the woods. You'll giggle when I tell you that halfway through the night we realized that Drew was wearing his tinted goggles.
It's Ok if you don't remember your first time night skiing, because hopefully it will happen many more times as you grow up.
It's Ok if you don't remember, because I will never forget.

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kdk said...

Looks so fun! Not sure I will ever try skiing again though!