Monday, March 18, 2013

Going Home

As I drove over the GW bridge I felt the familiar excitement of being almost home. The kids were just waking from a car nap as the car slowed in Tri-State traffic.

"Are we at Grandma's yet?"

"Will we see all our cousins?"

"Can we walk Aunt Melissa's dogs?"

They felt the excitement too. Living far never gets easier or better. There are always parties that are missed, celebrations only over the phone, and family dinners every few months. But if there is one good thing about being far, perhaps the only good thing, it is the visits. Late night talks around kitchen tables, early breakfast chats about school, and sleepovers with cousins. Quality time.

This last visit home to New Jersey didn't disappoint. We saw so much of our cousins, there were perma grins all over the place! Museums with Aunt Melissa, Grandma's famous chicken cutlets, and visits with Aunt Lorraine. Mike surprised us by coming on the train, and the snow held off until we were 10 miles from home.

We are already counting the days until the next visit :)

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