Monday, March 25, 2013

Hockey Dad

(Drew is number 13)

When Mike and I were registering for our wedding, he tested the Tea Cups. He didn't pay attention to color or brand name, just the feel. He held each delicate cup to determine how comfortable it was in his big hand. Then he cast his vote. 

When we talked baby names, he didn't write them out to see how they looked. He didn't google famous people who shared the name. Like with the China, he had his own test. He cheered for our unborn baby as if we were on the bleachers and not our couch. "Come on Cory!" "Lets go Natalie!" When I suggested Drew he tested it out. "Come on Drew! Lets go D!" 

So, sometimes when we are watching our oldest son play, I get the goosebumps. Not because he tries so hard, or because he looks so cute in his uniform. But because watching him play and hearing my husband cheer his name is a dream realized. Because it is exactly as we imagined 7 years ago on that couch...only better, way better.