Thursday, October 25, 2007

24/7 Mardi Gras

Ella and Drew have been wearing Mardi Gras beads for over a month now. It all started at their friend Kate's birthday party when the beads were included in the favor bag. Ella took a liking to them right away, and Drew followed suit. For the first few days I thought it was cute. We had to make up "bead rules" such as no wearing beads to bed, no beads while eating, etc. They hang the beads on "bead hooks" otherwise known as drawer pulls, when not allowed to wear them. So right before they go to bed they hang up their beads and in the AM the first noise from their room is usually "Beads! Beads!"
After about 4 days, Ella's beads broke. I figured it was my chance to get rid of them during nap time. But after 20 min of her yelling "Beads! Beads!" frantically as she searched the house, I rescued them from the garbage. I tried taping them, tying them, and knotting them but I finally broke down and bought some more. They get laughs and smiles around town and they guard them during music class and at the park. I've noticed some other kids wearing them lately - who knows maybe Ella and Drew will start a nationwide trend :)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Kisser

One of the things people, family or not, remember about my Grandpa Sid is that he always kissed on the lips. Always. It didn't matter if he had recently met you, if you had a cold, or if his mustache and cheeks were loaded with corn kernels. Grandpa Sid kissed on the lips. It seems Ella has inherited his passion for kissing. When the mood strikes Ella can't get close enough. She smashes her face into yours as tight as she can. She giggles, grabs the back of your head, and just smooshes herself all over you! You can't help but giggle back. She usually reserves these special kisses for Mike and I, but every once in a while she corners Drew...these pics document one such occasion.

Pasta Party

After 21 months of whole-heartily refusing pasta - Im talking every form, shape, and color, with sauce, butter, cheese or plain - Drew has finally decided to embrace the family staple. Bon Appetite!