Friday, September 14, 2007

I know you!

21 mth
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But you may not know us...slow on the postings lately, I know. Ella and Drew are getting so big and so capable. Just the other day I ran into someone we haven't seen in awhile. She exclaimed, "Wow! I guess you don't have to worry about Ella's weight anymore, she's chubby!!" Good thing Ella hasn't fully developed a body image yet after those comments...and no it wasn't Nana Vera. It seems like a million years ago that Ella was a little peanut and we were counting every ounce. More than getting bigger physically, her personality seems to quadruple daily. When I try to help her with her fork, or on the stairs, she looks at me and says "bye!" She also likes to pick out her own shoes and she only rides the see-saw by herself. She also gives enormous kisses and the tightest hugs.
Drew is trying to say more and more, although most of his "language" consists of grunts, pointing, and elaborate gestures. He can get across that he wants to wash his hands, face AND feet, as well as what toy he wants, what cup he wants, and where he wants to go. He is very good at figuring out when Ella is getting too silly and about to attack! He does everything on his own time and may sit in the stroller for 15 min at the park before he decides he wants to get out. I see more of Mike in him everyday. He may take awhile to learn a rule, but once he gets it, he follows every time and usually on his own.
Both kids recognize their friends and their parents from across the park and they give them super warm welcomes - as if to say "Hi!! I know you!!"

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