Saturday, December 15, 2007

Party of Five

Tyler Toivo joined our crazy clan on Monday December 10th. He arrived exactly one week early, I guess tired of being left out of all the fun! For 3 days Mike and I could boast that we had 3 kids under 2...wait is "boast" really the right word to use there?!
The pregnancy was incredibly easy and made me realize how carrying twins was twice as difficult. Ahh, the bliss of not knowing! Tyler weighed 7lbs 10oz and was 19 inches long. My mom was there as my 2nd coach, but I like her there for Mike. They chat to each other and make fun of me to pass the time. Ask them to tell you the story of me getting an epidural, they think they are so funny!
I had named him Corey, almost immediately after becoming pregnant, but at the last minute we settled on Tyler. He just looks like a Tyler. We chose his middle name (pronounced toy-vo) after my Finnish Grandpa Toot. My grandpa was a strong, hard working man with deep family values and a softer funny side. We hope that Tyler inherits those qualities.
Ella and Drew met Tyler at the hospital. They were immediately intrigued by him and curiously watched him sleep, eat, and be changed. They have been very gentle with him from the get-go. They love to help burp him and they get a big kick out of me waving his hands at them. All day we hear, "Hi Baby!!" Drew likes me to hold him all the time and Ella loves to announce when he is crying and then blows a kiss. We are all amazed at his size, because although it is average, he is so much bigger than Ella and Drew were. He is wearing clothes now that Drew wore when he was 3 months old!
Mike has been home this week and my mom is still here, so the adjustment to having another baby in the house has gone smoothly so far. Stay tuned for the update in a week or so when I am flying solo!

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Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! He's so cute! You and Mike done good once again. That's a great name too. We're so glad the delivery went well. Give TT a kiss for us. Tell D & E happy birthday too!
Jason, Carolyn & Nathan