Tuesday, November 5, 2013


There is a chill in the air. Three of the kids are in school. Colby is settled in nicely in front of the tv. I scooted here and there around the house, sorting mail and laundry. I stopped to boil water for a cup of tea. As my hands wrapped around the warm mug, my mind came here. To the blog.

I started a record of our days when the twins turned a year. And it was often during nap time, and with a cup of tea, that I came to write. I loved it. I would think about a post while driving or stirring dinner. And I loved to share pictures and document all the little things I imagined we would forget. Almost 7 years later, and 1000 posts in the archives, things have slowed almost to a stop. Naps are long gone and we rarely sit for any length of time. My afternoon tea is usually snug in a travel mug and my eyes snap shut earlier at night than Id like to admit. Writing here is often last on the list of daily to-do's.

I worry that all the little details of what they say and how we laugh will be forgotten. I worry that I won't remember who it was that didn't like swim class (Colby) or who snores at night (Ella). And I miss the ritual of sitting and reflecting and appreciating the daily moments. I remind myself that the busier days are those when I need that ritual the most.

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kdk said...

Is this picture on the jetty in Plymouth!?