Monday, December 18, 2006

Birthday Bash(es)

Well we have officially passed the one year mark. How to sum up a year? It was tough but rewarding, exhausting but thrilling, long but went by way too fast! You anticipate loving your kids, but who knew the love would be so overwhelming and all consuming? So, on to my little guys...
On their actual birthday we had some of their friends over for a little dinner and cupcakes. They played with Ryan and Julia for awhile, of course all four of them have to play with the same toy! They had pancakes for dinner - one of their favorite meals. Then they had carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese. They inhaled them!
On Saturday my parents came to NJ and we all went to G and Maria's house for a little family party. It was a lot of fun. They had "real" cupcakes this time and loved them. They ate them too fast to make a mess, although Ella smeared the frosting into her face for a laugh. I think the sugar got to them because they stayed up until 11 PM - good think Mike and I went out and left my parents to babysit! They figured out that as long as they were reading stories they wouldn't cry. I wish I had a video set up to see my dad reading Brown Bear over and over.

Their favorites right now:

Books, any book, preferably read over and over....
A magnet farm set that sings silly songs
Kissing each other and mirrors

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