Thursday, December 28, 2006

Surviving Christmas

Well, Christmas has come and gone. Our living room looks like a Toys R Us warehouse. We had a nice pre-Christmas Eve dinner with Mike's family. Two 2 year olds, two 1 yr olds, and two 6 mth olds - it was a little hectic - but lots of fun. Drew and Ella are getting into everything and keeping us on our toes!
After a 7+ hour trip, we finally made it to Mass on Saturday. We had a great/busy/quick weekend at home. Although they love their new toys, D&E weren't interested in opening presents. They would rather climb or bang on them! Uncle Mark gave them life preservers to go out on his boat this summer - we can't wait. Also, Nonnie and Papa are treating us all to a week at Lake Winnipesaukee!! Awesome.

Now that we are home we are dealing with the post-holiday illnesses. Whew! Drew has another ear infection, yup you read it right. Poor kid, this is his 4th one in 5 mths. His cough is awful. Ella has a high temp, but nothing else so far. She got up to 104! You could have fried an egg on her little scalp. So we are hunkering down and getting into all the toys.

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