Monday, April 16, 2012

Dreams Realized

I barely slept the night before and when I did, I dreamed of being horseback with my girl by my side. I jumped out of bed Sunday morning with a smile on my face and butterflies in my belly - it was the day the dream would come true.

Ok, I admit to being dramatic, but only just a bit. I found a little backyard barn set ideally abutting conservation land. Four stalls are home to 3 horses and one little puff of a pony. Cocoa is her name and teaching kids to ride is her game. And Ella and I are in!

The first day went so well. We groomed, we tacked up, we rode and then cleaned up. She loved it and my heart swelled.

Me, my girl, and a pony....dreams really do come true.
Stay tuned for many more Cocoa updates to come, hopefully with the boys included too :)



Anonymous said...

So happy for you both! Elle, looks like a professional up there. Sounds like a perfect day, with many more to come :) love, Auntie H

Nonnie said...

When you came home I wasn't sure who had the biggest smile on their face or smelled more like "horses". Brought back lots of memories of little girl braids, pony's, tackle, saddles, boots, helmets, and smiles. Enjoy the ride . . .

kdk said...

Adorable! Where did you two go to ride?