Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bella Boo

I was long overdue to upload photos from my camera. As hundreds of pictures flashed in succession on the screen, this one caught my eye. She was hunting for Easter Eggs...can you stand her intensity?! This is my Ella Bella Boo. My only little girl who prefers sweatpants and t-shirts over dresses. The little girl with the big hair and the bigger personality.

She is teaching me lessons by perfectly mimicking almost everything I do. She insists on being right, like me. She insists on running the show, like me. She can snap back with a little sass, like me. And she is a little too quick to point out mistakes, like me.

This is where I bow my head and blush with a little embarrassment and a twinge of shame.

Except more than anything else, Im grateful. Because it doesn't matter what I say, she will continue right on. But I know that she will notice what I do...and she will mimic that too. And hopefully she will learn that trying to be the best person you can be never gets old. And one day I will tell her all the ways she made me a better mom, a better friend and a better me.

Thanks Bella Boo, I needed that.

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Nonnie said...

Every day that passes, I see YOU in HER. No fancy dresses, dolls, frilly stuff. Didn't like dance class . . . found horses and you were in "heaven". So happy to see you back in "heaven" with your little girl. Makes me remember back almost 30 years . . . makes me re-live those days when it was you and me. Love to pass the baton in life . . . love to watch the smiles and happiness in my family. How lucky are we. Enjoy the ride!