Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pet Practice

We love animals. All of us. We are regulars at the zoo, heck we will settle for a stop at the pet store for a little pet fix. We often dream about the pets we would have (Donkey!) and plan what we will name them. But now we have something even better, a puppy cousin. Uncle Mark will occasionally drop 4 month old Gunner off for the afternoon, the night....or 5 days! Although his visits come with their own little challenges (mud, stealing from the baby, puppy bites) we love when he is here.
 He is our favorite hiking companion and he always comes back when we call him. I like when he runs up to check on the fastest kids and then circles back to check on us slowpokes. The kids love when he is in the car and insist that we drive slow on our street so they can climb in the back and ride with him.
 Gunner has figured out that where there are kids, there is bound to be food! I love when he perches next to the highchair, especially since it means less clean up for me. As much as we love him, we still love when he goes home...evidence enough that waiting is best, for now.

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cousin jan said...

I think gunner needs a highchair next to colby's ! he's sitting just like a human!!! love this one