Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Graduate

 "Mom if there is anything else to do for school, Im NOT doing it!"

This was his quote as we walked into his Nursery School graduation, and I think it pretty much sums up his first year of school. Nursery School wasn't Tyler's favorite place to go 2 mornings a week. Especially once Ella and Drew started afternoon Kindergarten - it is tough to get dressed and go when the whole house is in PJs watching morning cartoons!

But he went and the teachers reported that he enjoyed it while he was there. The playground at his school is phenomenal and the teachers caring. He loved the car corner and his face beamed with pride with the creations he brought home. Mrs. Klier says that Tyler really comes alive when the music teacher comes in!

We are proud of you Tyler T!! xoxo


kdk said...

look at that face!

Shauna said...

His enthusiasm just jumps right out of the picture.