Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Just Another Day

I don't know what the bunny told him, but apparently it wasn't what Colby wanted to hear. 

What's Going On...

**Drew is still sick. We went to another doctor, threw out the Mono diagnosis and started some antibiotics. It is torture watching this poor guy be so uncomfortable. 

**Ella has been marching off to school without Drew. The first day she protested, but has been fine ever since. A little surprising, in a good way :) 

**Colby gets mad. Really mad. Today it was because I put his pants on. He yells, screams, lays on the floor and kicks his feet. It is cute and annoying at the same time. 

**Tyler is reaping the benefits of having a sick brother - popsicles, hot cocoa with whipped cream, ice cream and lots of tv. 

**Im hating leaving for work. At the same time Im relieved that I have my Mike and my parents taking superb care of Drew and keeping the other kids busy. 

Summer? Are you out there?! 

1 comment:

kdk said...

Poor Drew. I love that he acts like being sick is no big deal, though! And this picture of Colby is hilarious! Poor bunny...