Thursday, May 3, 2012

Losing It

Good thing he is cute...

The day started out great. Mike and I have been taking turns getting up each morning with the kids. So every other morning I can lounge in bed for a minute, read, or when Im feeling motivated, exercise. I headed out for a quick jog, stretched my legs and cleared my head.

Back home I got right into the swing of things. Breakfast then showers for all four of the little cherubs. Combing hair, finding matching socks and getting my work clothes ready for the afternoon. It was only 9:25 AM so I gave myself a hearty pat on the back for getting things done. Then the phone rang.

"Hi Lauren, it's Judy. Are you coming for Supervision?"

I stood up my Supervisor, who comes in early just to meet with me. It hadn't even crossed my mind. I felt like a loser. As I put the phone down and continued berating myself, Colby walked in and flashed a winning grin along with a bright red Sharpie permanent marker....uncapped!

It was on the hardwood floors, big swirly circles of red. It was on every white panel of wall going down the hallway - his own little red gallery. It was on two rungs of the banister, 3 windows, the child seat my grandmother used as a baby and on the floors in 3 different rooms. It took me over an hour to scrub it all away.

Glancing at the clock again I realized I had 40 min to shower, make lunch, pack school bags and get E&D on the bus. Just as I stepped one foot into the shower I heard, "Mom!!! There is blood on Colby!"

It looked like he was shot in the forehead. Blood streamed down his face and covered his hands. I wiped him up, realized it wasn't that bad, and held my little guy close. He was very upset and took a long time to calm down...too long.

It wasn't quite noon and I still had to find T-Ball equipment, put out their uniforms, lay out the PJ's, get Ty to his sports class, change cars with Mike, and get to work to for the 6 appointments I had scheduled that night.

I tried to explain all of this to the cop leaning into my window on the side of the highway at 9:45 PM. A license? You really expect me to know where my wallet is?!

Im lucky that is all I lost.


kdk said...

Wow, Lauren. And I thought I was busy. Hang in there and I hope the cop only gave you a warning :)

Shauna said...

I love how deceptively innocent Colby looks in his little prepster gear.