Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Play Ball

 It's soccer time, again. Apparently our town plays both Fall and Spring soccer...uhm, ok, I guess we are in :) Despite the above picture, Mike isn't a coach, but he plays the role of "Typical Sideline Parent" extremely well. I shouldn't poke fun, I can't control myself either. After yelling, "Get him! Get Him! GET HIM!" repeatedly one game, Mike kindly suggested that I substitute "the ball" for "HIM!" They are after all, 6 years old.
Ella is a little more aggressive this time around. I love how cute and little she looks on the field. I also love the way she kicks the ball like someone 3X her size. Her quote of the year, "I like the friends part of soccer a lot, and the playing part of soccer a little." Spoken well by the daughter of the "best hair braider" of the Halifax Soccer League circa 1985.

Drew, on the other hand, is all about the game. Those pencil thin legs outrun the best of them. He is into it and doing well. He always looks up to see Captain watching from the hill. 
What a difference a few months make. In the Fall, this little guy slept through most of the 2 hours we spend at the field. This time around we are struggling to keep him off the field, out of other family's snacks, and reasonably happy. 

Tyler? Where is Tyler? He wanders around the fields, in the playground, in the bushes, the parking lot, etc. But he always shows up eventually! 

Just kidding, Nana!! 

...sort of...

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