Monday, May 14, 2012



:: A little Nana Vera mothering goes a long way. I grab an extra sweatshirt, hold their hands a little tighter, and attempt to fill their little bellies with wholesome food just like her.

:: I let go a little. I sit back and bask in their energy, curiosity and craziness just like Nana Ruth. She is so good at marveling at the wonder that is kids.

:: I balance on the edge of proper discipline and good ol fashioned fun, like my mother. I turn up the radio and point out every single sunset, just like she did.  I have also been practicing her whisper that means more business than a yell.

:: I pull out the stops, like my mother in law. We go out to eat, pick out a toy and dress to the nines, just like she did with her children. Indulging is fun and feels good!

:: And then I do it my way, too. I try to trust my heart and do what feels right. I read, listen and talk about what might be best.

:: And when all else fails, I laugh. Because sometimes the picture of our shoes is almost as cute as our smiles!

Happy Mother's Day to all my favorite mothers! xoxo

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Nonnie said...

Said so beautifully, Lauren. As a mom, I watched you carefully open every crayon colored card with such enthusiasm and joy. I watched you embrace every giggle, hug, and kiss from your babies all wishing you a "Happy Mother's Day". It made my day even more special . . . just to watch your face. May we enjoy many, many more Mother's Days together . . . actually . . . we do . . . we have everyday to celebrate their little smiles together. . Lucky us.