Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 Duxbury Beach, mid 1980s, Roberta, Kathy and Nancy.  The three friends would load their Jeeps with various kids, chairs and toys and set up camp for the day. They smoothed on the oil, positioned their chairs for optimal sun and popped open cool bottles of beer. It seemed perfect then and even more ideal looking back now.

A few weeks ago we all went again. This time Laura and I were the moms and we slathered copious amounts of sun screen and set up umbrellas. But some things don't change. There were still beers fresh from the cooler and toes buried into the warm white sand - and the laughs. I don't get to hear Roberta and Kathy's laughs that often, but as soon as I did, I was brought right back to our days on the beach so long ago.

Perhaps 30 or so years from now Ella and Ava will bring their kids. Im sure that Laura and I will be more than eager to set our chairs in the sand and watch another generation love this beach just like we have.  In the meantime, we will spend many more summer days watching our kids play on the beach.

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teresa said...

Beautiful Lauren! I loved reading about our memories out at Saquish and Duxbury beach, love the pic of our mums too. Brought a tear to my eye!
Thanks for sharing!!
Teresa Keenan