Friday, July 13, 2012

Postcards Home

Aunt Melissa and Uncle Dave came to visit for a few days around July 4th. We didn't go sightseeing, or out on any fun adventures. We stayed close to home - swims in the pool, walks with the dogs, sitting up late around a fire. We didn't need to entertain them or cause a big fuss, because they are family - and just being together is enough. And sometimes texts, and facebook updates and quick phone calls just don't do it. We needed to be together. And that is just what we did.
 I haven't seen Mike smile so much in 48 hours as I did while Melissa was here. Although, Im not surprised, his little sister has always had that effect on him. She has that effect on everyone :)
 I didn't snap as many pictures as I would have liked, we were too busy having fun! We missed them the moment they said they were leaving and can't wait until they come back. This living far thing never gets easier...but it does make the visits all the more sweeter.

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Melissa Dargan Heintjes said...

I loved rollerskating with these little people!! Eventhough they are rollerbladers and im stuck in the 80's ! I cannot wait to drive north again! As for living far okay with it b/c it makes the times we do see eachother so much sweeter! Missing you this summer though, cannot wait til aug2nd!