Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Twins

Its been awhile since I wrote about my twins. When they were little I thought about and talked about the fact that they are twins so often. People asked about them all the time. Their daily care was a challenge. They way they interacted was fascinating. That has faded quite a bit. 

They are never recognized as twins anymore. I am often asked how close in age my kids are and when I mention twins, people assume Ella and Tyler are the set (she is a little peanut!). I never thought I would miss the near constant "Oh, twins!" but somehow I do. Because as challenging as those baby years were...I loved them. I loved seeing two sets of toes peeking out of the stroller. I loved two little hands hanging on to fingers on either side of me. My favorite was the two highchairs pushed together. 

Last night, I laid down in Ella's bed. She talked about how her report card was better than Drew's and how she can swim better than him. She mentioned that he can ice skate better than her, but only because he practices more.

I launched into my mommy/social worker speech of how we are all different. Of how it doesn't help to compare ourselves to anyone else. Only to do our best and to be proud of ourselves. And Mommy and Daddy are so proud of her. Oh, I went on and on and on...its shocking she didn't fall asleep.

She responded, "It is different with me and Drew. Because we are the same. We are exactly the same age, and have the same family. I have to be better than him."

I don't know where her little thoughts came from or why. I do know that it is hard for anyone who knows them not to compare them. I know that she has a little competitive spirit that we are trying to harness for good, not evil :) I know that this is one of the challenges of twins.

I also know that they love each other, like brothers and sisters do, but with maybe a little extra. When she gets a little nervous (not that she will admit it) she finds comfort in being with him. When she isn't on an adventure with him, he wants to bring something back for her. They both watch each other play sports with pride and interest.

A lot has changed in 7.5 years since I first met my twins. Im still hanging on for the ride, with wonder, love, and total fascination.

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