Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I Scream

 Far Far's, Dairy Queen, Nona's, Dairy Twist, Sweet Frog, Creyo....the good ol' ice cream truck. If there is an ice cream spot we haven't tried, just wait a day and we will find it! I pretend that ice cream is what summer is all about, but really ice cream just happens to be one of my favorite things - made better only by four cute kids who are always ready to indulge with me.
 Ella prefers soft serve twist in a wafer cone with rainbow sprinkles. If the shop only serves hard ice cream she will chose cotton candy, bubble gum, or oreo (in that order :). Drew has fallen in love with Dairy Queen M&M blizzard or cotton candy in a dish with rainbow. Tyler likes a swirl in a cone or cotton candy as well. Recently he discovered Captain's favorite the Black & White Frappe. Colby is adventurous and has me read the list several times before he choses - oreo, chocolate chip, moose tracks.
For 10 minutes or hopefully longer, we sit, enjoying our ice cream and each other. Everyone happy. It's no wonder I love ice cream so much.

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