Saturday, August 24, 2013

Colby G is 3!

 Hey Colby G - you are three! But of course, you already knew that :) You hold your three fingers up so carefully and proudly to anyone who looks your way. You are not a baby, you proclaim, you are a big kid.  I hate to admit it, but I agree. You run, jump, climb, swim, and swing a hockey stick just like the big kids. You keep up just fine. Although, one of my favorite things about you is that you aren't shy to hold my hand on walks or snuggle up for a good hug. You are still the snuggliest guy around.
 At three, you love your Gunner fiercely. You are often hugging him, laying on him or giving him kisses. He waits for you at the bottom of the stairs each morning and you look for him as soon as I lift you from your crib. Yes, still a crib my big boy, but no diapers. You are balancing perfectly on the edge of baby and big boy.
You play street hockey all day with your brothers and asked for ice skates for your birthday. Im curious to see how skating goes this winter! They call you the "bird" because you flock to food, often carrying your own fork, to share whatever they are having - despite having just finished your own meal! You love your Uncles, ice cream and the playground. You run to help whoever is about to start a job - especially if it is outside.
Colbs, you make us laugh all the time. Your dance moves are epic, your funny faces adorable, and your crazy ways infectious. We all wish we could understand you better, but it adds to your charm! Tyler is your best translator, happy companion, and your worst enemy all in one. Drew is always ready to help you reach something or get a toy to work. Ella reads to you every night and sings songs as you fall asleep.
We are all smitten. Happy Birthday to the happiest most awesome 3-year old. xoxo