Monday, October 13, 2014



She doesn't look it here, but Ella is afraid. A few months ago she was doing so well, her instructor encouraged her to take a risk. She did, willingly, but nearly fell off. Since then, fear has found it's place with Ella at the barn.

Ella is no stranger to fear. Since she was a baby she has often been afraid. She shrunk away from strangers. Cowered in elevators. She used to be afraid to swim. But as many fears as she has had, my little munchkin has conquered so many of them. She has approached riding the same way, not willing to give into her fear.

I admit, I've pushed a bit. I'm sure in part because I love to watch her ride. I love to imagine that she is collecting similar memories that I collected riding as a girl. I hope that she is building her own self confidence and strength that I know comes from riding an animal so big and powerful.

I'm proud of her every time she gets on to ride. Ella is brave.