Monday, October 13, 2014


Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons, although I don't give in without a struggle. I love summer with its lazy beach days, ice cream lunches, and flip flops. I love the relaxed routine, if any routine at all, of long summer days. Summer is hard to give up. But then there is the changing leaves and pops of color, the fleece wrapped snuggles, and cozy fires of Fall. We love the Fall rituals - apples, pumpkins, and the woods.

I've wrote about it before, I'm sure. The beach is to summer as the woods is to Fall. I love to gather us up and plop us down at a trailhead freshly covered in a blanket of pine needles. The air has a refreshing crispness and the colors, of course the colors! They may bellyache about leaving hockey sticks and soccer balls behind at first, but once we are just a few feet in, all is well. Some run ahead, a few may lag back. Conversation comes easily, imaginations take hold. Yes, we welcome Fall.

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