Tuesday, March 13, 2007

15 Months

15 months

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15 Months already! This month Drew was featured in a full page ad for the Hospital in our city. He looked very cute and the ad is still being circulated in the local papers. Our little celebrity!
We continue to check off the milestones...Yes, Ella is walking, but she only walks a few steps here and there. She is very tentative. Both babies say mama, dada, and uh-oh. Drew also says "Whoa!" when he falls and Ella says "cak, cak" for a duck. They are practicing with forks and spoons and eating out of bowls. They continue to interact more and more everyday. They fight over toys frequently, but they also have nice moments of cuddling and laughing at each other. They both use anything as a phone, putting the object to their ear and saying "ahh" which sounds like "hello." They also can point to their hair, ear, teeth, tongue, heart, belly, knee and toes. Drew also discovered his nose and other people's eyes (Watch out Ella!!).
Ella continues to be a Daddy's girl and she loves to play with Mike. Drew is all mine! Good thing we have one for each of us!!

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