Thursday, March 15, 2007

Big Happenings...

The end is my climbing the stairs carrying two babies that is! First I will give you a rundown of how things work over here: Each day I dress the babies and pack the bag. Then I strap Ella to my hip with a little carrier contraption and pick Drew up. We walk down 2 flights of stairs and walk around to the back of the building. Then we go down 4 concrete steps to the basement. I load them in the stroller/SUV and lug it back up the steps to the sidewalk. We are off for the day and when we return home we do the whole thing in reverse. It takes a toll on me, especially when they are all bundled in their winter gear, or if I have to buy milk! Now that the guys are steady on their feet, I have been letting them hang in our gated area next to the building while I get the stroller out or put it back in the basement. What a difference - My back is thanking me. Have no fear, I can see them the entire time! So, the last time we did this, Drew walked all the way from the basement to the front door and climbed halfway up the first flight!! Woo Hoo!! So, you see, the end is near! Who needs elevators?!

The second announcement is that the city is redoing a park one block from us. Aside from a little boost to our property value - we will not need the stroller to get there! We only have to cross one street. It will be like having a back yard without having to mow it! I can't wait for it to be done!

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