Saturday, April 14, 2007

16 months

16 months

Are we at the point where counting the months is annoying yet?

This month Drew and Ella gained more confidence. Gone are the days of standing around the park talking to my friends while Ella and Drew play at my feet. Now at any given moment Drew is climbing up the slide while Ella is across the park battling another for a ball! Thank goodness our favorite park is also small and closed in. Confidence and independence also comes with bruises! In the past 2 weeks Drew has had a scrape/bruise across his face, a skinned chin, and bloody knuckles while Ella almost bit through her lip in a playground accident. They are tough kids and bounce back quick.
Ella and Drew are also working on their teamwork. Their silent dialogs seem to go like this:
Oh, Drew, you can't get that cabinet open? Here you go, and here is the dish detergent.
Oh, Ella, can't reach into the trash? Here is an eggshell for you!

They are trying to use their words and both are starting to pick up sign language. Drew can say: Mumma, Dada, Ella, Wow!, uh-oh, hi and a slew of animal sounds. He also can sign: more, all done, and drink. Ella says: Mumma, Dada, Da (for Drew), uh-oh, wow, animal sounds and apple. She signs the same signs as Drew as well as "help." They love books, music and dancing, balls, cars, and eating!

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Anonymous said...

I can't get over their beautiful Easter pictures. Ella with her big eyes and her adorable hat.. Drew looking like a little man. And the one with them kissing is the sweetest thing ever!! Sidney asks for her cousins ALL the time.
Hugs and Kisses from us all in NH.
Stay dry. love, Auntie Heidi