Monday, April 23, 2007

Baby's got a new pair of shoes!!

The nice weather is finally here - perfect time for Ella and Drew to break in their new sandals. A little history here...Drew is a shoe man. Loves to carry them, touch them, wear them, touch Ella's, etc. But, this morning he was singing a different tune! We took his sandals out of the basket and he played with them for a minute. As soon as I started to put them on his foot he began to get upset. He was pushing my hands away and whining. I took it slow and tried to talk him through this seemingly horrific ordeal, but eventually I put them on through the tears. I stood him up in the middle of the bedroom floor - and there he stayed. I changed Ella, and Drew didn't budge. I left their room and went into mine...didn't budge. Mike tried to lure him out of the room...didn't budge. There he stood doing a little fake cry. I then put Ella's on and she was much less dramatic. She looked down at her feet for a minute and then slid her feet across the floor until she could touch the wall. She then took a few tentative steps and was off. Finally about 15 minutes into the ordeal Drew dared to take a step. He was off and running the rest of the morning!

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